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Family of fishermen since 1929.

Thanks to the knowledge and spirit of service that adds 5 generations of fishermen, ALFRISA has not stopped growing and evolve, until reaching a stable staff with more than 205 specialists.

We ourselves manage the product from the purchase at sea, production, storage, distribution and delivery of the final product to the client, solving market demands with the utmost professionalism and quality.



With top-level facilities and constant investments in R & D, machinery and technology, our specialists process the product with the maximum guarantees of quality and food safety.


The optimal management of the more than 8,000 m2 that add up to the three facilities allow us to process more than 75,000 kilos per day. This production flexible to the demand of each moment and to the market.


Through our Environmental Management System (water treatment plants, selective collection and recycling of waste), we far exceed all regulations.

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