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We know that fish and shellfish are two perishable products, but there are many ways to avoid wasting them. Here we propose a series of recipes, conservation methods and responsible habits so that you never throw anything away.

Buy it frozen
Both fish and shellfish can be purchased directly frozen and use only the quantity we need. Our freezer is a great ally to keep food that we do not use for longer, but we must consider how long we can leave them there without spoiling.

Freeze it
It is the most responsible option if we are not going to use all the fish or seafood that we have fresh or cooked. In this case, it is very important to take into account the category of the freezer, since raw or insufficiently cooked fish “should be frozen at a temperature of -20º C or lower for at least 24 hours or at -35º C for a minimum period of 15 days. hours “, but refrigerators under three stars (***)” do not reach enough temperature to perform this procedure “.

AECOSAN also indicates that domestic refrigeration equipment of three stars or more “need more time than an industrial equipment” to reach said temperature, so “it is recommended to freeze at -20º C less for 5 days”.

Cut it into strips and fry it

If in the case of meat there is a dish known as “old clothes” to take advantage of leftovers, when
it deals with sea products the technique is very similar. The easiest is to cut into strips or shred the leftover fish or seafood that we have and pass it through the pan. The result: A tasty and highly nutritious dish!

Prepare a salad
The most healthy way to take advantage of the fish and seafood that we had not planned to eat is to add it to a salad made to our liking. The possibilities are endless, since the salads admit all kinds of seafood, as well as fried, cooked, smoked and even raw fish.

Croquettes, lasagna, hamburgers …
Do you want to prepare something more elaborate using seafood? Well, there are numerous options. With what we are about fish and seafood can be prepared croquettes, lasagna, cannelloni, burgers (which are increasingly fashionable), pudin … If imagination is not enough, nothing happens: everything is on the Internet. An example is the MAPAMA website, where recipe ideas can be consulted to prepare with fish and other foods that we have not consumed.

Take advantage of heads and thorns
That the head and the spines of the sea products are not tasteful dish for everyone is
a fact. Therefore, it is common for them to survive and we do not know what to do with them. But you can take advantage of them: broths, sauces, creams, rice dishes … There are many possibilities offered and, in addition, they add a more intense flavor to our recipes.