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We shrink our products with a second skin of food film that gives them better conservation and hygiene both during their storage in the camera and during their life in the exhibitors facing the consumer.
Slices and steaks
Steaks and slices are the products that suffer the most in the cabinets due to the constant transfer to which the client submits them before purchasing them. That’s why good shrink wrapping is important to avoid hygienic and conservation problems.
In addition to the portions, we can sanitize larger loins, Jumbo or Select type, giving it the added value that these products require. In addition, we can label them individually with variable weight.
Cuttlefish and squid are especially delicate due to their morphology. When shrinking them we turn them into a compact and resistant product, preventing the heads, legs and fins from falling off, thus leaving less pieces of rejection in the cabinets.
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